Fragrance Sample Card


Discover your favorite home fragrance. 

Explore all four Homecourt signature fragrances with the sample card. This sample ships free* and includes a $5 redeemable credit toward a future purchase.  

Once ordered, you will be emailed a code valid for 60 days from the date of order.* Ships free within the US only.

Our Signature Scents:

Steeped Rose
An unadulterated floral that stays true to its namesake bloom-stems, thorns, and all.
Cipres Mint
A heady, aromatic blend inspired by the unmistakable scent of Moroccan mint tea.
Cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, and white leather. Grounded, mysterious, and addictive.
Neroli Leaf
Crisp, sparkling orange blossoms and crushed basil evoke a grove of flowering citrus trees.


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