The Inspiration

I’m so excited to introduce Cocomoi, an exclusive new fragrance in a collection of luxurious body care essentials. From homecare to self-care, I believe every moment within the home should be a nurturing experience of rejuvenation.

As with all things in the Homecourt collection, symbolism is really important to me, and Cocomoi is no exception.  

I wanted this scent to have characteristics of my signature fragrance, Cece, symbolizing my connection to my daughter Coco…the inspiration for Cocomoi.

Like any great scent, Cocomoi is made up of many layers. Coconut water to represent Coco’s love of the ocean, the grounding notes of cedarwood representing my love for her as a mother, along with the sweetness of creamy fig and cardamom to speak to the sweetness of her heart. Coco is as spicy as she is sweet, so I added black pepper tones to allude to her dynamic and funny personality.

I think Cocomoi does a great job of conjuring up so much in one scent. It’s warm, light, and fresh, yet sophisticated. 

Courteney Cox, Founder